The patient-centered medical home: Unprecedented workforce growth potential for professional psychol

Authors, Primary Beacham,Abbie O.;Kinman,Carissa;Harris,Josette G.;Masters,Kevin S.
Title Primary The patient-centered medical home: Unprecedented workforce growth potential for professional psychology.
Periodical Full Professional Psychology: Research and Practice
Pub Year 2012
Volume 43
issue 1
Start Page 17-23
Abstract Changes in the health care system and a renewed focus on patient-centered medical homes, which integrate behavioral health services into primary care, present professional psychologists with unprecedented workforce and growth opportunities. However, the profession must act immediately to take full advantage of these emerging opportunities. Although many conceptualize integrated primary care as including mental health services in primary care, in practice, the role of the primary care behavioral professional extends far beyond mental health concerns. The authors suggest two key domains of action: First, in order to serve optimally as behavioral health professionals and leaders in primary care, psychologists must receive training in clinical health psychology. Second, psychologists need to increase knowledge and skills in the conduct of translational research in "real-world" clinical settings. The discussion centers on delineating the imperatives the profession must address and offers general suggestions for possible approaches, which ideally will form the basis for specific models of professional preparation. What is abundantly clear is that, as the face of health care changes, professional psychology must respond swiftly and appropriately not only to remain viable, but to thrive. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved) (journal abstract)
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Author/Address Beacham, Abbie O.:; Beacham, Abbie O.: Department of Psychology, University of Colorado-Denver, Denver, CO, US Kinman, Carissa: University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO, US Harris, Josette G.: University of Colorado A(TRUNCATED)
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