Transforming the organization and delivery of primary care.

Why we need to transform?

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recognizes that revitalizing the Nation’s primary care system is foundational to achieving high-quality, accessible, efficient health care for all Americans. The primary care medical home, also referred to as the patient centered medical home (PCMH), advanced primary care, and the healthcare home, is a promising model for transforming the organization and delivery of primary care.

What real-world examples of effective practice transformation are available?

This website features evidence, examples, and lessons learned from primary care practices that have transformed their approach to organizing and delivering care. Policymakers, researchers, practices, and practice facilitators can access evidence-based resources about the medical home and its potential to transform primary care and improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of U.S. health care.

Where to go next?

How does the PCMH model work?

Defining the PCMH >>

Discover methods for evaluating health care interventions and developing the evidence base for the PCMH.

Evidence & Evaluation >>

Participate in a learning community of individuals who have an interest in primary care practice facilitation as an effective strategy to improve primary health care processes and outcomes.

Practice Facilitation >>

Find evidence about the medical home model and its essential components.

Citations Collection >>

Explore tools and resources for implementing the PCMH model based on promising interventions made by leading primary care practices and organizations specializing in health care transformation.

Implementing the PCMH >>

Practice Facilitation

Practice facilitation is one of the most promising strategies to support the transition to new models of primary care. Practice facilitators are typically external agents who work with primary care practices to make meaningful changes with the goal of improving quality and outcomes of care. AHRQ is developing resources for organizations that are interested in providing practice facilitation services to primary care practices.

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